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  • Xerox Printer Ink and Toner Cartridges Part Number List

    Cartridge Type Quick View
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    Xerox Ink
    8R12728 (8R7971, H100) 8R7660 8R7661 8R7662
    8R7663 8R7972 8R7973 8R7974
    Xerox Ribbon
    Xerox Solid Ink
    016-1825-00 016-1826-00 016-1827-00 016-1903-01
    016-1904-01 016-1905-01 016-2040-00 016-2045-00
    016-2046-00 016-2047-00 108R00603 108R00605
    108R00606 108R00607 108R00608 108R00657
    108R00660 108R00661 108R00662 108R00664
    108R00668 108R00669 108R00670 108R00671
    108R00672 108R00675 108R00676 108R00723
    108R00724 108R00725 108R00727 108R00746
    108R00747 108R00748 108R00749 108R00926
    108R00927 108R00928 108R00929 108R00930
    108R00950 108R00951 108R00952 108R00953
    Xerox Toner
    006R00914 (6R914) 006R01395 006R01396 006R01397
    006R01398 006R01513 006R01514 006R01515
    006R01516 006R90306 013R00551 (13R551) 013R00606 (HY of 013R00601)
    013R00621 016-1536-00 BK 016-1678-00 BK 016-1679-00 C
    016-1680-00 M 016-1681-00 Y 016-1944-00 C 016-1945-00 M
    016-1946-00 Y 016-1947-00 BK 016-1977-00 C 016-1978-00 M
    016-1979-00 Y 016-1980-00 BK 016-2005-00 C 016-2006-00 M
    016-2007-00 Y 016-2008-00 BK 106R00365 (106R365) 106R00373 (106R373, 6R851)
    106R00404 (106R404) 106R00462 (106R462) 106R00482 (106R482) 106R00584 (106R584)
    106R00652 106R00653 106R00654 106R00655
    106R00672 (106R672) 106R00673 (106R673) 106R00674 (106R674) 106R00675 (106R675)
    106R00680 106R00681 106R00682 106R00684
    106R00687 106R00688 (106R688) 106R01047 106R01077
    106R01078 106R01079 106R01080 106R01082
    106R01083 106R01084 106R01085 106R01144
    106R01145 106R01146 106R01147 106R01149 (106R1149)
    106R01159 106R01160 106R01161 106R01162
    106R01163 106R01214 106R01215 106R01216
    106R01217 106R01218 106R01219 106R01220
    106R01221 106R01246 106R01271 106R01272
    106R01273 106R01274 106R01278 106R01279
    106R01280 106R01281 106R01294 106R01331
    106R01332 106R01333 106R01334 106R01370
    106R01371 106R01374 106R01392 106R01393
    106R01394 106R01395 106R01412 106R01415
    106R01436 106R01437 106R01438 106R01439
    106R01452 106R01453 106R01454 106R01455
    106R01466 106R01467 106R01468 106R01469
    106R01477 106R01478 106R01479 106R01480
    106R01485 106R01486 106R01503 106R01504
    106R01505 106R01506 106R01507 106R01508
    106R01509 106R01510 106R01563 106R01564
    106R01565 106R01566 106R01567 106R01568
    106R01569 106R01582 106R01591 106R01592
    106R01593 106R01594 106R01595 106R01596
    106R01597 106R01627 106R01628 106R01629
    106R01630 106R02225 106R02226 106R02227
    106R02228 106R02241 106R02242 106R02243
    106R02244 106R364 108R00581 108R00647
    108R00648 108R00649 108R00650 108R00713
    108R00795 108R00909 108R00982 109R00639 (109R639)
    109R00725 (109R725) 109R00747 (HY of 109R00746) 113R00173 (113R173) 113R00195 (113R195)
    113R00446 (113R446) 113R00459 (113R459) 113R00495 (113R495) 113R00628
    113R00657 (113R657) 113R00667 (113R667) 113R00668 113R00692 (113R692)
    113R00693 (113R693) 113R00694 (113R694) 113R00695 (113R695) 113R00711
    113R00712 113R00723 113R00724 113R00725
    113R00726 113R00730 6R1006 6R244

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