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  • Remanufactured Ink and Toner Cartridges Part Number List for Lexmark Printers

    Cartridge Type Quick View
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    Lexmark Ink
    13619HC 14L0086 14L0087 14L0088
    14L0173 14L0174 14L0175 14L0176
    14L0177 14L0197 14L0198 14L0199
    14L0200 14N1619 18C1524 18C1960
    18C1970 18C1974 18Y0141 18Y0142
    18Y0340 Lexmark 1 (18C0781) Lexmark 100 (14N0820) Lexmark 100 (14N0900)
    Lexmark 100 (14N0901) Lexmark 100 (14N0902) Lexmark 100XL (14N1068) Lexmark 100XL (14N1069)
    Lexmark 100XL (14N1070) Lexmark 100XL (14N1071) Lexmark 14 (18C2090) Lexmark 14A (18C2080)
    Lexmark 15 (18C2110) Lexmark 150 (14N1607) Lexmark 150 (14N1608) Lexmark 150 (14N1609)
    Lexmark 150 (14N1610) Lexmark 150XL (14N1614) Lexmark 150XL (14N1615) Lexmark 150XL (14N1616)
    Lexmark 150XL (14N1618) Lexmark 15A (18C2100) Lexmark 16 (10N0016) Lexmark 17 (10N0217)
    Lexmark 2 (18C0190) Lexmark 20 (15M0120) Lexmark 26 (10N0026) Lexmark 27 (10N0227)
    Lexmark 3 (18C1530) Lexmark 31 (18C0031) Lexmark 32 (18C0032) Lexmark 33 (18C0033)
    Lexmark 34 (18C0034) Lexmark 35 (18C0035) Lexmark 36 (18C2130) Lexmark 36A (18C2150)
    Lexmark 36XL (18C2170) Lexmark 36XLA (18C2190) Lexmark 37 (18C2140) Lexmark 37A (18C2160)
    Lexmark 37XL (18C2180) Lexmark 37XLA (18C2200) Lexmark 43XL (18Y0143) Lexmark 44XL (18Y0144)
    Lexmark 50 (17G0050) Lexmark 60 (17G0060) Lexmark 70 (12A1970) Lexmark 71 (15M2971)
    Lexmark 80 (12A1980) Lexmark 82 (18L0032) Lexmark 83 (18L0042)
    Lexmark Toner
    08A0477 10S0150 12035SA 12A0829
    12A5745 12A6735 (12A6730, 12A6839, 12A6835, 12A6830, TN4800) 12A6765 12A6860
    12A7305 12A7315 12A7362 12A7365
    12A7405 12A7415 12A7462 12A7465
    12A8302 12A8325 12A8405 (34015HA) 12B0090
    12S0300 1361751 1361752 1361753
    1361754 1380850 1380950 1382100
    1382150 1382925 18S0090 20K0500
    20K0501 20K0502 20K0503 20K1400
    20K1401 20K1402 20K1403 23820SW
    24035SA 34035HA 39V1645 39v2598
    50F0HA0 50F0UA0 50F0XA0 50F0Z00
    50F0ZA0 50F1000 50F1H00 50F1U00
    50F1X00 60F0HA0 60F0XA0 60F1000
    60F1H00 60F1X00 64004HA 64015HA
    64015SA 64035HA 64035SA 64404XA
    64415XA 64435XA 69G8256 69G8257
    70C0H10 70C0H20 70C0H30 70C0H40
    70C0X10 70C0X20 70C0X30 70C0X40
    70C10C0 70C10K0 70C10M0 70C10Y0
    70C1HC0 70C1HK0 70C1HM0 70C1HY0
    70C1XC0 70C1XK0 70C1XM0 70C1XY0
    75P4303 75p6959 C500H2CG C500H2KG
    C500H2MG C500H2YG C5220CS C5220KS
    C5220MS C5220YS C5240CH C5240KH
    C5240MH C5240YH C5242CH C5242KH
    C5242MH C5242YH C53030X C540H1CG
    C540H1KG C540H1MG C540H1YG C546U1KG
    C780A1CG C780A1KG C780A1MG C780A1YG
    C780A2CG C780A2KG C780A2MG C780A2YG
    C780H1CG C780H1KG C780H1MG C780H1YG
    C780H2CG C780H2KG C780H2MG C780H2YG
    C782U1CG C782U1KG C782U1MG C782U1YG
    C782U2CG C782U2KG C782U2MG C782U2YG
    C782X1CG C782X1KG C782X1MG C782X1YG
    C782X2CG C782X2KG C782X2MG C782X2YG
    C9202CH C9202KH C9202MH C9202YH
    E250A21A E250X22G E260A11A E260A21A
    E352H11A E352H21A E360H11A E360H21A
    E450A11A E450A21A E450H11A E450h21a
    E460X21A T650A11A T650A21A T650H04A
    T650H11A T650H21A T654X21A X203A11G
    X203A21G X264A11G X264H11G X264H21G
    X340A11G X340H22G X463H11G X463X11G

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