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  • Ink and Toner Cartridges Part Number List for Canon Printers

    Cartridge Type Quick View
    Can't Find Your Printer?
    Canon Ink
    BC-05 BC-20 BCI-10 B (0956A003) BCI-11 B
    BCI-11 CLR BCI-1201 BK BCI-1201 C BCI-1201 M
    BCI-1201 Y BCI-1302 BK (7717A001AA) BCI-1302 C (7718A001AA) BCI-1302 M (7719A001AA)
    BCI-1302 PC (7721A001AA) BCI-1302 PM (7722A001AA) BCI-1302 Y (7720A001AA) BCI-1401 BK (7568A001AA)
    BCI-1401 C (7569A001AA) BCI-1401 M (7570A001AA) BCI-1401 PC (7572A001AA) BCI-1401 PM (7573A001AA)
    BCI-1401 Y (7571A001AA) BCI-1411 BK (7574A001AA) BCI-1411 C (7575A001AA) BCI-1411 M (7576A001AA)
    BCI-1411 PC (7578A001AA) BCI-1411 PM (7579A001AA) BCI-1411 Y (7577A001AA) BCI-1431 BK (8963A001AA)
    BCI-1431 C (8970A001) BCI-1431 M (8971A001AA) BCI-1431 PC (8973A001AA) BCI-1431 PM (8974A001AA)
    BCI-1431 Y (8972A001AA) BCI-1451 Y BCI-15 B (8190A003AA) BCI-15 CLR (8191A003AA)
    BCI-16 CLR BCI-21 BK BCI-21 CLR BCI-24 BK
    BCI-24 CLR BCI-3e B (4479A003) BCI-3e C (4480A003) BCI-3e M (4481A003)
    BCI-3e PBK (4485A003) BCI-3e PC (4483A003) BCI-3e PM (4484A003) BCI-3e Y (4482A003)
    BCI-5 / 6 BK (4705A003) BCI-5 / 6 C (4706A003) BCI-5 / 6 M (4707A003) BCI-5 / 6 PC
    BCI-5 / 6 Y (4708A003) BCI-5/ 6 PM BCI-6 G (9473A003) BCI-6 R
    CL-211 CL-211XL (2975B001) CL-241XL (5208B001) CL-246
    CL-246XL CL-31 CL-41 CL-51
    CL-52 CLI-221 BK (2946B001) CLI-221 C (2947B001) CLI-221 GY (2950B001)
    CLI-221 M (2948B001) CLI-221 Y (2949B001) CLI-226 BK (4546B001) CLI-226 C (4547B001)
    CLI-226 G (4550B001) CLI-226 M (4548B001) CLI-226 Y (4549B001) CLI-251 BK
    CLI-251 C CLI-251 GY CLI-251 M CLI-251 Y
    CLI-251XL BK CLI-251XL C CLI-251XL GY CLI-251XL M
    CLI-251XL Y CLI-36 C (1511B002) CLI-42 B CLI-42 C
    CLI-42 GY CLI-42 LGY CLI-42 M CLI-42 PC
    CLI-42 PM CLI-42 Y CLI-8 BK CLI-8 C
    CLI-8 G (0627B002) CLI-8 M CLI-8 PC CLI-8 PM
    CLI-8 R (0626B002) CLI-8 Y PFI-101B PFI-101BK
    PFI-101C PFI-101G PFI-101GY PFI-101M
    PFI-101MBK PFI-101PC PFI-101PG PFI-101PM
    PFI-101R PFI-101Y PFI-102Bk (0895B001AA) PFI-102C (0896B001AA)
    PFI-102M (0897B001AA) PFI-102MBk (0894B001AA) PFI-102Y (0898B001AA) PFI-103BK
    PFI-103GY PFI-103MBK PFI-103PGY PFI-104M
    PFI-301B (1494B001AA) PFI-301BK (1486B001AA) PFI-301C (1487B001AA) PFI-301G (1493B001AA)
    PFI-301GY (1495B001AA) PFI-301M (1488B001AA) PFI-301MBK (1485B001AA) PFI-301PC (1490B001AA )
    PFI-301PGY PFI-301PM (1491B001AA) PFI-301R (1492B001AA) PFI-301Y (1489B001AA)
    PFI-302BK PFI-302GY PFI-302MBK PFI-302PGY
    PFI-303BK PFI-303C PFI-303M PFI-303MBK
    PFI-303Y PFI-306B PFI-306BK PFI-306C
    PFI-306G PFI-306GY PFI-306M PFI-306MBK
    PFI-306PC PFI-306PGY PFI-306PM PFI-306R
    PFI-306Y PFI-701B (0908B001AA) PFI-701Bk (0900B001AA) PFI-701C (0901B001AA)
    PFI-701G (0907B001AA) PFI-701GY (0909B001AA) PFI-701M (0902B001AA) PFI-701MBk (0899B001AA)
    PFI-701PC (0904B001AA) PFI-701PGY (0910B001AA) PFI-701PM (0905B001AA) PFI-701R (0906B001AA)
    PFI-701Y (0903B001AA) PFI-702BK (2220B001AA) PFI-702GY (2221B001AA) PFI-702MBk (2219B001AA)
    PFI-702PGY (2222B001AA) PFI-703BK PFI-703C PFI-703M
    PFI-703MBK PFI-703Y PFI-704 Black PFI-704 Blue
    PFI-704 Cyan PFI-704 Gray PFI-704 Green PFI-704 Magenta
    PFI-704 Matte Black PFI-704 Photo Cyan PFI-704 Photo Gray PFI-704 Photo Magenta
    PFI-704 Red PFI-704 Yellow PFI-706B PFI-706BK
    PFI-706C PFI-706G PFI-706GY PFI-706M
    PFI-706MBK PFI-706PC PFI-706PGY PFI-706PM
    PFI-706R PFI-706Y PG-210 PG-210XL (2973B001)
    PG-210XL+CL-211XL PG-240 PG-240XL (5206B001) PG-240XXL (5204B001)
    PG-245 PG-245XL PG-30 PG-40
    PG-50 PGI-220 BK (2945B001) PGI-225 BK (4530B001) PGI-250 PGBK
    PGI-29R PGI-29Y PGI-35 BK (1509B002) PGI-5 BK (0628B002)
    PGI-7 BK (2444B002) PGI-9 C (1035B002) PGI-9 G (1041B002) PGI-9 GY (1042B002)
    PGI-9 M (1036B002) PGI-9 MBK (1033B002) PGI-9 PBK (1034B002) PGI-9 PC (1038B002)
    PGI-9 PM (1039B002) PGI-9 R (1040B002) PGI-9 Y (1037B002)
    Canon Ribbon
    KC-18IF KC-36IP KP-108IN KP-36IP
    Canon Toner
    1366A005AA 1369A003AA (F41-7301-700) 1369A009AA (F41-6601-700) 1382A005AA (F42-1501-700, C120)
    1388A003AA (F42-1401-700) 1422A004AA 1423A003AA (F42-3101-700) 1428A004AA
    1429A003AA (F42-3111-700) 1434A004AA 1435A003AA (F42-3121-700) 1440A004AA
    1441A003AA (F42-3131-700) 2575B001AA 2576B001AA 2577B001AA
    2578B001AA A30 (1474A002AA, F41-4102-700) Cartridge 104 (FX -9, FX -10, 0263B001AA, 0263B001) Cartridge 111 (1657B001AA)
    Cartridge 111 (1658B001AA) Cartridge 111 (1659B001AA) Cartridge 111 (1660B001AA) Cartridge 116 B (1980B001AA, Canon 116)
    Cartridge 116 C (1979B001AA, Canon 116) Cartridge 116 M (1978B001AA, Canon 116) Cartridge 116 Y (1977B001AA, Canon 116) Cartridge 118 B (2662B001AA, Canon 118)
    Cartridge 118 C (2661B001AA, Canon 118) Cartridge 118 M (2660B001AA, Canon 118) Cartridge 118 Y (2659B001AA, Canon 118) Cartridge 119 (3479B001AA)
    Cartridge 119 II (3480B001AA) Cartridge 120 (2617B001AA) Cartridge 125 (3484B001AA) Cartridge 126
    Cartridge 128 (3500B001AA) Cartridge 131 Black Cartridge 131 Cyan Cartridge 131 II
    Cartridge 131 Magenta Cartridge 131 Yellow CARTRIDGE106 (0264B001AA) E20
    E40 (1491A002AA, E20, E31) EP-85BK (6825A004AA) EP-85C (6824A004AA) EP-85M (6823A004AA)
    EP-85Y (6822A004AA) EP-86BK (6830A004AA) EP-86C (6829A004AA) EP-86M (6828A004AA)
    EP-86Y (6827A004AA) EP-87BK (7433A005AA) EP-87C (7432A005AA) EP-87DR (7429A005AA)
    EP-87M (7431A005AA) EP-87Y (7430A005AA) EP-N (R64-2002-100) EP-S
    FX1 (1551A002AA) FX11 (1153B001AA) FX2 (1556A002BA, H11-6321-900) FX3 (1557A002BA, H11-6381-220)
    FX4 (1558A002AA, H11-6401-220) FX5 FX6 (H11-6431-220, 1559A002AA) FX7 (7621A001AA)
    FX8 (8955A001AA) GPR-1 (1390A003AA, F42-3001-700) GPR-10 (7814A003AA) GPR-11 BK (7629A001AA)
    GPR-11 C (7628A001AA) GPR-11 M (7627A001AA) GPR-11 Y (7626A001AA) GPR-13 BK (8640A003AA)
    GPR-13 C (8641A003AA) GPR-13 M (8642A003AA) GPR-13 Y (8643A003AA) GPR-15 (9629A003AA)
    GPR-16 (9634A003AA) GPR-17 (0279B003AA) GPR-18 GPR-19
    GPR-2 (1342A003AA, F43-6701-700) GPR-20 (1066B001AA) GPR-20 (1067B001AA) GPR-20 (1068B001AA)
    GPR-20 (1069B001AA) GPR-21 (0259B001AA) GPR-21 (0260B001AA) GPR-21 (0261B001AA)
    GPR-21 (0262B001AA) GPR-22 GPR-23 (0452B003AA) GPR-23 (0453B003AA)
    GPR-23 (0454B003AA) GPR-23 (0455B003AA) GPR-24 GPR-34
    GPR-35 GPR-36 B GPR-36 C GPR-36 M
    GPR-36 Y GPR-4 (4234A003AA, F42-4101-700) GPR-5BK (4235A003AA) GPR-6 (6647A003AA)
    GPR-8 (6836A003AA) L50 (6812A001AA) NPG-10 (1381A004AA, F42-1001-100) NPG-11 (1337A003AA, F43-5411-700)
    NPG-13 (1384A011AA) NPG-14 (1385A002AA) NPG-4 (1375A004AB) NPG-7 (1377A002AA)
    NPG-9 (1379A004AA) S35 (7833A001AA) X25 (8489A001AA)
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